Limited-Edition Seasonal Digital Collectibles By JeffJag

The artwork is no longer available to collect until next year! Look for Season 3 in October 2024

Watch the short film of the entire collection here:

What is a Seasonal Collectible?

You've heard of pumpkin spice lattes and holiday cups?  it's that.  only for your nightmares.

Season 1

Debuting in 2022, the first season of Nightmare Fuel consisted of 471 uniquely frightful images.  However, only 153 from the original selection were collected.  This leaves 318 unrevealed from season 1.  What becomes of these images?  They move to the back of the queue and can be minted only if the remainder of the current and subsequent seasons artworks have been collected in their entirety.  Once they are collected and revealed, the rest of s1 will be denoted with "post season" metadata.

Nightmare Fuel S1 #30 shown

Fuel X

As a thanks to all who collected from season 1, I offered a free Fuel X artwork for a limited time. Fuel X has mysterious properties that have yet to be revealed. 32 of these were collected and they won't be offered again.

Fuel X #23 shown 

Season 2

Starting on October 20th, the spigot will start spewing once more - unleashing new nightmares upon the world. 

Season 2 artworks will be first to reveal, and if they sell out, the remainder of season 1 will again be available.

They will also be the first Animated 1/1 collectible artworks I've released since 2021. These animations created using stable diffusion, AnimateDiff, and the tears of those left mourning the fallen.

Nightmare Fuel s2 #3 shown